BMW Z3 M Roadster

THE BMW 2001 M Roadster is considered one of the finest sports roadsters produced by any manufacture according to the Automobile Publications Worldwide; and by current and past owner's. This BMW is already a Classic Collectible and will continue to rise in value as the years progress. Most importantly these roadsters are a joy to own and drive. Being a BMW the quality in engineering were built into the original design In addition each car was made in the U.S.A..

Estoril Blue Metallic/Black Nappa Leather-is the color combination for this ONE OWNER 24,000 mile California car, there were only 12 manufactured. All service has been provided by BMW dealerships and  technicians. Mr. Z3 has had a complete inspection one done by BMW master techat award-winning dealership. This car has been inspected twice; all current and preventative  services have been completed. Mr. Z3 has installed a OEM rear window; Four new Michelin Pilot sport tires installed; all four wheels refinished; Exterior and interior are flawless; Mobility system update.M Roadster has all standard equipment plus options,Harman Kardon  Premium sound system with 9 Speakers  the system works equally as well with the top up or down. Convertible top is double lined for quietness on the road. M Roadster has S54 Engine 320 HP 5 Speed  manual transmission.0-60 4.5sec-Standard equipment includes side as well as front airbags plus ABS brakes. Even though this car is a 2001 safety and performance wise you will not take a backseat to any vehicle on the road today!

2001 M Roadster was awarded the best sounding vehicle of the year as well has Car of the year. The new owner of this car will be acquiring one of the finest of the models ever produced this is truly a turnkey Mr. Z3 Auto. When driving this vehicle you will have the feeling that you are in a cockpit with the instrumentation of a airliner, these cars are a blast to own and drive. MR Z3 has been involved with ownership continuously since 1999; MR Z3 dealership is the only one in the country that deals exclusively with Z3 BMW automobiles. We are proud to be a Five star dealership Mr. Z 3 is truly an Enthusiast and is involved with all aspects of his cars. We consider it a pleasure to discuss these wonderful cars daily with new Enthusiasts and owners; please do not hesitate to call ;we consider it a privilege. The inventory is continuously changing and we normally have several cars in the pipeline; and enjoy finding that special vehicle that you may have on your wish list. We are an authorized California dealership bonded and certified; and will provide bank references.MR Z3 a transparent proprietorship. All vehicles are owned by Mr. Z3/Mark

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Body Style" M " Roadster
Exterior ColorEstoril Metallic BLUE
Engine S54 3.2 L -320 HP