Mr. Z3 Buyer Reviews

Mr. Z3 Is the BEST!   Guy Webster from Ojai, California 

I have been a collector for more than 60 years. primarily BMW cars as well as motorcycles. Mr. Z3, Mark, has worked with me in buying and selling vehicles for the past 15 years. His knowledge and ethics are the finest in the industry and specially his knowledge of BMW bikes and BMW Z3s, M5s and M6s. I would recommend him to anybody in the market. He is always happy to answer and help with any questions. Don't ever hesitate to contact Mr. Z3.

Mark is Great!

For well over a year I'd been looking for a titanium silver M Roadster (like the one I had 15 years ago) and it seemed like every one I found was too far away or I wasn't sure if the car was really in good condition. 

Then I surfed onto the Mr. Z3 web site, called Mark and now I've got my very low mileage dream car! I used his "acquisition program". The car he found for me was over 1000 miles away but he took care of everything (getting it shipped to him, conditioning it so everything is perfect and then getting it shipped to me). The total amount came to less than his estimate when we were deciding if this was the right car. He kept me informed every step of the way. It was a pleasure working with Mark.   -- Ken Paris from Prescott Valley, AZ | January 6, 2017

Mr. Z3 aka Mr. Fantastic!

I had been looking for an M Coupe for a very long time (years) but never found one that met enough of my filters to take the next step beyond what I saw online - I always found something wrong/not good enough. Then one day - I found one of Mark's M Coupe listings that fit all my criteria and that started the emails/calls. Plain and simple: He is a joy to speak to - as the other reviews already say, his enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge is so obvious and there is never a pushy salesman aspect to it - he really wants each car to go to the right owner. My husband & I arranged to fly down to LA to see the car - the minute Mark pulled up in it, the aesthetic quality/condition was there (for a 16 year old car no less!). We drove it around (Mark generously offered to let us test it for as long as we wanted) and I was sold in under 10'. As a former (non-M) E36 owner, all the familiarity came rushing back with the added "M" kick. I could tell Mark was genuinely as happy for me as I was for myself! Now, here's where the unexpected happened: It wasn't until our long drive up home into the night that we realized none of the Back Lit Instrumentation was working. All the external Lights worked and since our Test Drive was during the daytime, who would have noticed the Instrumentation wasn't lit up? I called Mark when we got home and he was genuinely apologetic. I knew even before I called that he had never driven the car at night himself (if he had - we wouldn't even be having the conversation). Mark was with me every step of the way to have the problem fixed at my local BMW Dealer and he definitely went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with the results - especially since he could not be there personally/physically to oversee it. I have never had such a positive experience buying a Car (new or used) as I did with Mark. These Cars obviously aren't for everyone and at their continuously increasing Market Value - the Price Point gives a person a lot of options. I'm certain I wouldn't have found the same quality/value anywhere else - and it's the stuff you can't put a value on where Mark is the real deal and shines. I fully intend to keep him as my trusted advisor for all things my M Coupe will ever need!  -- Jaclyn from San Francisco, CA, November 19, 2016

If your not surfing, drive a Z 3, next best thing

The decision to purchase a "New" Used Car. Lets throw in, sight unseen, and 2500 miles away. Don't ask your friends, you know what they'll say... And did I mention we're right in the middle of one of the craziest election years in history! Between, building walls and reading emails, who are you going to believe??? Well the answer is easy. Go buy a car from Mark, Mr Z3. What ever happens, you'll be driving around in the most beautiful vehicle possible! Roll up the windows, find some nice corners, run through the gears, , and you'll feel like the winner. Mark makes the purchasing process almost as much fun as driving the little coupe. If your thinking about, your on the right track with Mr. Z3. Hope I have helped.  -- Aloha Charles Napo'opo'o, Captain Cook, Hawaii, November 2, 2016

He is as kind and giving as he is knowledgeable

Mark Cohen is the keeper of the faith for the BMW Z3. Without question, he is one the the good guys. He wants everyone to buy, own and enjoy the perfect Z3. His enthusiasm for the marque is matched only by his willingness to share his "speed secrets" regarding the care and feeding the Z3. In five minutes, you will learn more about the Z3, how to care for the car, what to look for in the car and how the car came into being than a full of month of online research and reading. Want to know what's the best car to collect, h'll tell you. Want to know how to go about buying a Z3, he'll tell you. Want to know what to look for in the Z3, he'll tell you. There's little wonder why no less than four people mentioned Mark and his business when I was looking for a Z3. No secrets, no secret sauce, just real simple, fresh ingredients combined with the will to make the best car food is what makes Mark unique. If you want good, solid advice from someone who nothing less than an open book and is on a mission to make every Z3 owner and future Z3 owners happy campers, then I suggest you do yourself a favor and be prepared to learn from a true believer.
- Carl from Gilroy, California | September 9, 2016

Personable and very knowledgable

I communicated with Mark about a couple of BMW z3 coupe cars that he had for sale. He was very helpful in explaining the car's history and quality. I met with Mark and we took a drive on one of the z3's. This was a beautiful, low mileage, carefully chosen car that Mark found and invested on to make it unique and very clean. In the end I found another z3 coupe that I really liked, so I didn't buy from Mark. Dealing with Mark was a pleasure, he didn't pressure me to buy and I can tell he does this out of a passion for these cars. This is refreshing and unusual.
— Jose from Los Angeles, CA | May 3, 2016

5.0 out of 5.0

I have been buying and collecting cars for over 50 years. If you are interested in purchasing a Z3, Mark is definitely the "go to" guy. His cars are fully vetted by a guy who knows his product. His cars may be a little more expensive up front but if you buy in the open market to perhaps save a little money you will probably end up with more money invested to make the car right. Mark is honest, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. You will get no pressure and he will be there for you after the sale.
— Fred Siegrist, Eugene, Oregon | March 3, 2016

Great Car+ Great Seller = Awesome Experience!

Mark is a true, caring & very patient enthusiast and professional. He addressed my many (many) questions without a loss of cheerfulness and enthusiasm. I could not have asked for a more fair, straightforward buying process. Mark (Mr Z3 ) is the real deal and I would highly recommend him to any prospective buyers and sellers.
— M Roadster fan from Moraga, CA | August 29, 2015

Mr Z3 Bought Our Z3

Mark was a pleasure. To talk to and deal with. Very nice knowing there are honest people like Mark out there to do business with. You can’t go wrong with Mark: Mr Z3.
— Fran Serafini from Brockport, PA | April 17, 2015

My M Roadster Went To A Good Home

Every winter I thought of selling my Roadster which sits under a warm blanket in storage. Once spring comes, I wonder why I would have thought of such a thing. I loved the feeling of unpacking my car as a sign of spring. However, it finally became time to minimize and I needed a buyer. Enter Mark. I actually sold it to him for $1,500 less than I was offered by another party because he had true appreciation for my car. I believe it found a good home…too bad he wasn't looking for a dog as well.
— Joseph from Joplin, Mo | April 11, 2015

Mark Treated Me Like A Friend

Prior to talking to Mr. Z3, I had been looking for an M Roadster for a couple of months. I spoke with quite a few dealer owners and private-party owners of vehicles that were offered for sale. Most of those conversations were pleasant, especially for conversations between a buyer and a seller. You know the drill, they had a car and I had a checkbook. I asked questions and they answered questions. When I called Mark to inquire about the M Roadster for sale on his website the conversation was completely different. Mark treated me like I was a friend of a friend, and he had an engaging personality. We talked for a half hour during the first phone call. His knowledge of the cars was apparent and his passion was genuine. It was obvious that Mark treated his cars with respect, and that he wanted to find them a good home. Mark does not give his cars away, but I absolutely believe you get what you pay for with him. I sure as heck know he is not cutting corners, as his cars are in immaculate condition. The detailed explanation of the maintenance and cosmetic repair work done on his vehicles was refreshing. He just doesn’t find an auction car to flip it. He literally searches for extremely well cared for vehicles, and then he makes sure that they are in tiptop shape for a discerning buyer. I call that value, and I was happy to purchase my car from Mark.
— Dave S. Palm Desert, CA | April 8, 2015

Excellent To Work With

Mark is excellent to work with. He is fair, knowledgeable and responsive. I am retired and downsizing and my M3 roadster had to go. Mark contacted me regarding buying my car. I have dealt with my share of fast talking con men when I've bought or sold a vehicle. Mark was not one of them. He was a pleasure to work with. This was a long distance transaction and Mark was very responsive to my phone calls and emails. His requests of me regarding the M3 were reasonable and his payment was prompt. I would give him six stars if that were an option.
— John C. from Auburn, CA | March 30, 2015

Fair & Honest and One Of A Kind Service

While looking for our 3rd Z3 coupe, we visited Mark at Mr. Z3. One of the first things he said to me was that he wanted to be "the worlds best Z3 dealer". I am a retired factory-trained BMW technician with 37 years in the automotive industry. When I heard Mark say this, I thought to myself "great" and rolled my eyes. We visited with Mark for about two and a half hours. His knowledge of cars, particularly the Z3's is impressive. While driving away, my wife commented "you really enjoyed that didn't you?" and I did. The Z3 coupe we purchased from Mark is matched by his enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise in the products he sells. Everything Mark stated he would do, he did. I cannot state it enough, in my humble opinion he is the worlds greatest Z3 dealer.
— S Scotland from Patterson, CA | January 20, 2015

Courteous And Very Helpful

Mark has a genuine desire to please and displays a respect for the customer that is rare in the car business. He works towards a mutually beneficial outcome with 1st rate communication skills and a deep wealth of knowledge of his cars. I whole heartedly recommend him.
— avsgsliu from Tampa, Fl | December 27, 2014

Mr. Z3 Went Above And Beyond!

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Z3 (Mark) to purchase his 2000 Cosmos Black M-Coupe. He is a true Z3 enthusiast and definitely know these cars inside and out. He took great care to be sure everything was fixed and the car was running great. He took a good portion of his Saturday to dedicate to making sure my deal went through without any problems. I would HIGHLY recommend working with him on your future Z3 needs! If he doesn’t have the car you are looking for he can surely find it for you.
— Scott T. from Roseville, CA | November 22, 2014

An Absolute Pleasure

I wanted to let you know that it was an absolute pleasure to do business with you in regards to the sale of the 2000 Z3 last month. From the first phone call to the last, every conversation was handled timely and professionally and every detail about the transaction went exactly as it was agreed upon. It is no easy task coordinating something from coast to coast as we did, but in this particular case it went smoothly and flawlessly. I wish you the best of luck in every endeavor you embark on in the future and nothing but sunny skies out there in California!
— Jim S. from Bethlehem, PA | September 24, 2014

1999 M3 Roadster

I recently sold my BMW M3 Roadster to Mark. It was a pleasure working with him. The price we agreed upon was fair and all dealings with the purchase of the car were up front and according to schedule. Mark is very personable and has a deep love of Z3's. It felt good knowing that my "baby" was going to a place where it would be cherished. I would recommend him to anyone.
— smartypants from Kingsport, TN | September 24, 2014

Very Honest - Very Reliable

It was a pleasure working with Mark- what he said about the car was always the truth - I would definitely buy another car from Mr. Z3. He shipped the car to me and the procedure could not have gone more smoothly. Thanks again!
—Jim K. from Omaha Nebraska | September 12, 2014

Great Car, Fair Deal

The car was (perfect) as advertised, the price was fair, the negotiations were relatively painless, and nothing was said when we got lost on the test drive and stayed gone for almost an hour.
— Porschelad from Riverside CA | July 2, 2014